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Services I offer

Personal Profiling
Personality Profiling provides an accurate insight as to why you behave the way you do;what your strengths and areas of development are, what motivates you and how you communicate, The assessment provides a unique link between our Personalities, Education and work which will equip us with tools for better decision making.
Why would you take a Personality Assessment?
  • to gain greater understanding of your strengths
  • to increase your self awareness and self worth which gives you confidence and motivation to move towards your goals.
  • To assist with career pathway decisions
  • to gain a greater appreciation of how everybody is differentA greater understanding of our behavioural styles allows us a greater perspective on life and can greatly enhance our choices and decision making throughout our lives.
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An opportunity to move forward through gaining a  greater awareness of your personal skills that can translate into success. Career and Life Coaching is suitable for anyone of any age lookiing to reflect, re-focus and move forward with confidence.
Interview Coaching
Do any of the following apply to you?
Fearful at the thoughts of Interviews? 
Hate the idea of selling yourself? and telling people of your strengths and greatest achievements?
Hate moving out of your comfort zone?
Unaware of the many nonverbal messages you're giving to potential employers at interviews?
Interview coaching with 1-1 sessions would help boost your confidence and ensure you perform to your very best.
Traditional or Competency based interview preparation can be done initially prior to attending Mock Interview sessions
Student Coaching
Student Career Coaching is suitable for any student post Junior Cert to Post Graduate who feels in awe or overwhelmed with choices that are facing them.Through taking a Personal Profile  Assessment, they will gain a greater understanding of their behavioural styles and strengths which will greatly enhance their choices and decision ,making through their lives.I can provide follow up sessions through to completing CAO forms with students and parents.I would be delighted to assist students through a GROW models looking at their Goals G -the Reality of achieving R the variety of Options available to them and their Will to work through the necessary steps to achieve them.W 
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