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Interview Preparation

Interview preparation and mock interviews sessions can be a useful tool alongside student or career coaching to help you pass the final hurdle in landing the right job for you. 

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Fearful at the thoughts of Interviews? 

  • Hate the idea of selling yourself and telling people about your strengths and greatest achievements?

  • Hate moving out of your comfort zone?

  • Unaware of the many nonverbal messages you're giving to potential employers at interviews?

​Interview Coaching will support you to put your best foot forward. The sessions will help you prepare effectively for an interview (be it traditional or competency-based) and beat those nerves, giving you the skills and confidence to perform to your best.

As someone who recently gained so much insight and confidence from one meeting with Siobhan, I truly cannot recommend her services highly enough. I had previously failed a couple of interviews for promotion so I went to Siobhan to try and understand where I was going wrong-She gave me invaluable advice and direction which completely changed my approach to Interviews which thankfully has resulted in a very successful interview and subsequent promotion

Testimonial:  30 year old female

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