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Life Coaching

Life Coaching is suitable for anyone of any age looking to ​reflect, re-focus and move forward with confidence.

Coaching will help identify goals to work towards and the necessary steps to take to achieve those goals.

The benefits of Coaching are…

  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Increased attainment of desired goals

  • Improved work-life balance, relationships, communication, time-management, performance

  • Discovering areas which may have been holding you back

You're ready for Coaching if you are....

  • Ready to take responsibility for the changes you need to make in your life

  • Honest, open and truthful with yourself 

  • Happy to take actions after a coaching session

  • Willing to change the behaviours or attitudes which are limiting your success

Testimonial: 30 year old employed female

I felt everything in my life was a mish mash, not how I thought I’d be at 30. Quickly through looking at a Wheel of life with Siobhan  I discovered how imbalanced the time I spent was, on my life, work and friends. A few small conscientious changes and some goal setting has put my head in a very different place. A confidence in myself has been the biggest change and the energy to move forward and take action.

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