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Personal Profiling Assessment

Our personalities and the values we hold impact greatly on how fulfilled we are in our study,work and life. Getting the right job and being successful is about more than passing examinations and getting through interviews. How we behave and what we are like are also vital.

Through a Personality Profiling Assessment (PPA), we can identify the strengths and key motivators which will give us a greater awareness of ourselves, our values and assist greatly in working towards our goals.

Personality Profiling provides an accurate insight in to why we behave the way we do, what our strengths and areas of development are, what motivates us and how we communicate. The resulting assessment provides a unique link between our personalities, education and work which will equip us with tools for better decision making.

The assessment is about you; how you prefer to behave and work.

​Why would you take a PPA?

  • To gain greater understanding of your strengths

  • To increase your self-awareness and self-worth which gives you confidence and motivation to move towards your goals.

  • To assist with career pathway decisions

  • To gain a greater appreciation of how everybody is different

  • A great asset when preparing Personal Statements or Curriculum Vitae

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PPA Process

  • The PPA can be taken online in the comfort of your home. This takes approximately 10 minutes and is designed to give an insight into your strengths and key motivators. A report is automatically generated on completion of the assessment and sent directly to me.

  • The report produced will highlight your strengths, your key motivators and values which will identify your suitability to different careers or types of employment. It will suggest how you like to behave and how you can use your strengths to maximum effect, now and in the future.

  • An 90 minute feedback session is then held with you where we will work through the report to help you to identify work you may be best at and focus your choices about courses, training and job applications. 

  • Further sessions can be scheduled if desired.

At my age I felt I had good self- awareness but decided to take the Personal Profile Assessment. I was astounded at the report and its’ accuracy of my  personality as to how I like to work, my management, sales and communications style and my key motivators.I instantly knew I’d have to make changes in my current role as it was quite apparent my values will never be met in my existing employment. I’d advise everyone to take the assessment for clarity, confidence and a deeper understanding of yourself and your strengths which are a great support in moving forward


Testimonial: Mid 40's female

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